Сhiminea – Indian garden oven

Сhiminea – Indian garden oven

Сhiminea is an Indian oven with a rich history of the world. It has won great popularity in the US and Latin America for efficiency, functionality and ease of use. Warm the oven to add to your garden Mexican flavor.

For the manufacture of modern furnaces chiminea clay, ceramic, cast iron or aluminum are used. If desired, any home owner can make his own chiminea, which perfectly fit into the rest area in the garden. It can be used as a decorative element, outdoor fireplace or stove.
In chiminea meat, vegetables, bread, and even pizza сan be baked. Cooking process is accelerated due to the high heat of clay.

Rules for the use of chiminea to be followed by everyone for security reasons:
Use oven only outdoors.

Do not place it under the eaves or trees.

Always use an iron stand under the oven. It is forbidden to put the oven on a wooden terrace.

Do not move the oven while the fire is burning.

Remember that the oven is very hot outside, so do not let children play near it.

Do not leave a lit oven unattended.

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