Arrangement of patio with chiminea

Arrangement of patio with chiminea

In order to turn your site into a Mexican paradise, you should, first of all, take care of the arrangement of the patio. It is desirable to lay ceramic tile platform. Initially Mexicans laid out the patio of clay tiles made by artisanal. They differed rough finish not quite smooth shapes, giving the tile a special relaxed charm. Therefore, to recreate the atmosphere of the garden, you will need Mexican tiles brown, red or terracotta.

In the garden one has to give a place to “get-togethers” and picnic. It is best to build a small patio next to the fireplace or grill made of bricks or cobblestones. Perfect fit in the Mexican garden chiminea (by the way, the word barbecue itself, and referred them to the concept – cooking meat over an open fire – the Americans borrowed from Mexico).

Around the campfire or chiminea on the patio one must install benches or simple chairs made of wood or wrought iron. Remember, their design has to be as unpretentious. It is possible to beat one of the most popular characters of folklore of Mexico – the sun. They can not only decorate the garden furniture in wrought iron, and the outer wall of the cottage.

Available corners of the garden decorate with clay pots of flowers of various shapes and sizes. You can even decorate their pond. In the Mexican garden pottery – important accessories. Only if you do not have a pot of clay, do not replace it with a plastic replica. The effect of simplicity and naturalness will be spoiled.

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