Backyard fire pits and the landscaping design

The sight of burning fire always attracted human attention. There is something attractive in the way the flame changes color and curls in the wind. Everyone saw a picture – in the evening, in the dark around the center people are sitting and all of them look at the fire, not looking up, though, it would seem, there is nothing particularly interesting. This is probably a genetic memory of the people of that time, when the fire was the only way to keep warm and cook food. So even now, when we have electricity and gas, the surest way to get everyone together on the plot is to ignite the fire, and people will come by themselves.

Backyard fire pits

But for the fire to look even better, it needs a nice decoration. Usually people just make a fire, as appropriate enclosing logs. But if you have a beautiful home for a fire the fire will have more advantageous look.

Backyard fire pit is nothing else as comfortable fireplace designed at the site of your home or at the cottage. Its placement in your garden will become an element of landscape design. Such a place is sure to become a favorite vacation spot of the family or the friends. And not only in the warmer months.

Backyard fire pits

So how can we arrange a fire pit, aligning it with the picnic area, a barbecue and a place of rest?
In itself, fireplace is designed for live fire and the fire can be obtained from wood, gas, or liquid for a “live fire”. Depending on what will be lit you need to choose all the outfitting.

Let’s take a typical source of the fire – wood. First of all, this fire pit has to be safe, a wood and coal have to be placed carefully; cleaning the ashes out should be easy.

You should foresee the terms of wind, because the depth and diameter of your bowl for fire pit will depend on this. If you combine fire pit with barbecue, you will need the removable grill and a comfortable table-diameter.

Convenient table around a campfire, chairs, benches, sofas are a pledge of spiritual communion.
In order not to bring chairs into the house, do not store them somewhere in the winter, there can be a stationary sofa or bench, but do not forget about removable pillows and blankets, so the rest around the fire can be possible until late autumn.
If you have a cottage, or you are not able to fully accommodate seating areas and fireplace, it is possible to combine it with a barbecue.

Backyard fire pits

And in general, to make a very economical both in terms of territory and in terms of money.
If you want to just enjoy the fire, it can be a gas flame, but keep in mind that it is possible to use it only in the summer.
The most decorative and aesthetic use of fire pits is possible with “live” fire. That is decorative stones poured a special liquid and set on fire. For this fire special decorative bowl of small diameter are produced. The advantage of this fire, as well as gas one, is the lack of smoke and ashes.

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