Fire pit designs: tips of advice

In ancient times, there were no gardens without fire pits where you can always dilute live fire – a powerful talisman of man. Little by little, this tradition faded. With the development of civilization the need to protect your home by fire from wild animals or other dangers that were waited for a man in the darkness has disappeared. And a significant role in this was played by the widespread electrification. Why make a fire every night, if you can turn on lights?

But today, many companies are engaged in manufacturing fire pits. And it can be argued that the range of products on today’s landscaping market is quite extensive and diverse. So if you want it will not be difficult to choose the model that best fits to the exterior of a particular site.

Fire pits made of natural stone, especially granite are very popular today. According to producers, virtually all of them are created manually, that is, they are cut from a single piece of granite and polished. This alone automatically takes them to the rank of exclusive products. Besides stone decorative elements will always be relevant in almost any garden, no matter what style or manner would have been resolved its design.
Various models of stone bowls are radically different from each other.

  • Some of them can be perfectly polished, while others, on the contrary have a rough texture.
  • Some of them are equipped with a stand or three or more legs.
  • If desired, they can be integrated to the set of gas device system.
  • As for color, mainly represented are by black and gray-blue in color, depending on the granite from which they were cut.

The main purpose granite pits is the lighting and heating of the garden, but due to their high decorative effect, they act as a wonderful decoration, and sometimes a real work of art. Besides, no matter how granite pits look and whatever imagination of the artist is reflected in the stone, the undoubted advantage is their naturalness. But it’s worth it, what, in fact, is reflected in the price.

Fire pits, made of galvanized steel, are considered a novelty in the landscape design. For them to serve for a long time outdoors, the cup is coated with a polymeric coating.

Convenience of use of the steel models is in their mobility, as these cups can be moved and installed where needed: on the lawn, on the terrace, even on the table.

Relatively light weight, compared with stone bowls, allows to do it without difficulty.

On top of that, many models are equipped with special frames that allow to cook over a fire: barbecues, fish, soup and so on.
Bowls are equipped with feet-base and mesh covering.

You can buy a fire pit made of fire-resistant ceramics. To it a grill and even pans are often added as a part of a kit.

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