Fire pit ideas for country house.

At the landscape design the revival of the trend to equip local area with the fire pits began to take shape recently, and this is not seen as a tribute to necessity, but as a useful element of the decor.

For modern man, spoiled creature of comfort and civilization, the ability to spend the evening by the fire is a kind of exotic fanned aura of romance. After all, only occasionally on holidays, many of us get out to nature and gather around a fire in a close circle of friends, listen to songs and funny stories and forget at least for a while about everyday worries. But there is no need to go somewhere and wait sometimes for months, when it will be possible to arrange campfire gatherings, if the same can be arranged in your garden. And that can be arranged, when you want it, and not just on holidays. And fire pit helps therein, due to which there is no need to spoil the grass cover in the garden, to breed a live fire.

Today, many companies are engaged in manufacturing fire pits. And it can be argued that the range of products on today’s market landscape is uite extensive and diverse. So if it would not be difficult to choose the model that fits at best to the exterior of a particular area.
Fire pits are fitted with legs. Very popular today fire pit is made of natural stone, especially granite. According to producers, virtually all of them are created manually, that is, they are cut from a single piece of granite and polished. This alone automatically gets this good to the rank of exclusive products. Furthermore stone decorative elements will always be relevant in almost any garden, no matter what the style or manner would have been resolved its design.

Various models of fire pits are cardinally different from each other. Some of them can be perfectly polished, while others, on the contrary will have a rough texture. Some fire pits have a holder and equipped with three or more legs. If desired, fire pit can get an integrated set of gas equipment.

As for the color, mainly represented by black and grey blue in color, depending on the granite from which they were cut. The main goal of fire pit of granite is the lighting and heating of the garden, but due to its high decorative effect, they appear as a wonderful decoration, and sometimes a real work of art. Besides, no matter how granite fire pit looks like and whatever imagination of the artist is not reflected in the stone, the undoubted advantage is their naturalness. But it’s worth a lot, that, in fact, so it is reflected in the Fire pits are equipped with feet-base and mesh blanket.

The fire pits, made of galvanized steel, are considered a novelty in the landscape design. So they can be operated for a long time outdoors, the pits are coated with a polymeric coating. Ease of use of the steel models is their mobility, as these cups can be moved and installed anywhere they are needed: on the lawn, on the terrace, even on the table. Relatively light weight, compared with stone pits, allows to do it without difficulty.

On top of that, many models are equipped with special glass and frames that allow to barbeque: fish, soup or barbie itself.

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