Fire pit tables – novelty for the consumer.

Primarily such fire pit table will be interesting for owners of houses and cottages, who love to cook kebabs or grilled meats, or just sit around the fire.

Fire pit tables have many advantages over conventional grills and barbecues. The main one – versatility.
Fire gas pit table can be used as fireplace, or you can cook your favorite dishes on the grill, and then close it with lid and use it as garden table.

But it’s not all opportunities of this table. In winter it will be organic fireplace in your house, and in the hot summer weather you can chill drinks in a bowl of ice.

Unlike stationary barbecues and barbecue, fire pit table is relatively light and can be installed in the place where you want (beach, lawn, terrace). Especially it was appreciated by owners of houses with great territory. In addition, using fire pit table on the lawn, you will not make it harm.

Fire gas pit table

It is very simple to clean such fire pit table, steel bowl with ash can be easily removed and cleaned. And if you do not want to do cleaning today, you can simply close the bowl, bars with the table lid before the next using.
Fire pit table can be easily assembled and disassembled and, if it is necessary, you can replace a single part of the table, without replacing the entire table.

At off-season don’t forget to use special rain cover, with it you will protect the table from dampness and moisture, and it will serve you for many years.

To check all the benefits of the fire pit table can everybody, because despite its quality and versatility, price of such table is available for families with average incomes.

Buying the fire pit table, you need not look for his bars, covers or poker. All accessories to the table go with him in the kit. You need only to enjoy the bonfire and favorite dishes.

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