Firepit as an attribute of landscape design

Firepit as an attribute of landscape design

To date, the landscape design is a tendency to arrange well private gardens and courtyards in country estates fire pits. Functionally, this element of landscape architecture is very useful because it provides an opportunity to breed a live fire in the open air at any convenient time without sacrificing lawn grass, and at the same time interesting way to decorate the landscape.

Fire pit can be made of different materials and have a very diverse design, fire pit accessories, which greatly facilitates the search for the correct model for a specific garden. In particular, among the variety represented on the market landscape specimens greatest demand stone bowls, mainly granite. Plain black coloring of such products or grayish-blue, but the texture of the individual firepits, depending on the ideas of creative artists can be radically different.

There are even a small models, which if necessary may be positioned on the table. You can create a firepit also with your own hands and realize the way to practice your design fantasies. In this case, rest near the fire will be especially enjoyable.

Yet, in order to avoid mistakes, it would be better to consult a landscape specialist who will tell you where it is more expedient to place campfire bowl, what model to choose which additional accessories of landscape decor to it and pick up more.

This is a topical issue of fire safety, as the case will have to live fire. This means that at a certain distance from the camp fire bowls should not be green space and no architectural objects from inflammable materials.

Practice has shown that, despite a long history, firepit is a modern version of recreation area on the plot design.

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