Garden in the Mexican style.

The recreation area in the Mexican style may look very colorful. Very well, if it is arranged on the sunny site. And a lot of clay. Therefore, hard surface area that you plan to build, is best to make of clay tiles, yellowish. Tiles, of course, should be unglazed, perhaps archaistic.

Tables and benches in rest area in the Mexican style is better to install wooden. It may be deliberately rude products that are not painted, but, for example, lacquered. From the hot sun on the table make a light canopy. It can be made of thick fabric of burnt color. Well, if the support under a canopy will be carved wooden or metal forged.

Also on site is out of place fireplace in the garden, or oven – barbecue. In Mexico, these bottle-shaped chiminea (with long chimney) was used for heating and cooking. They are of small size, are made of clay (ceramics), but most often are sold metal chiminea.
As a decoration use earthenware pots and bowls of all sizes, round stones, shells.

One of the most important Mexican garden ornaments are trees. Lemon or lime in tubs, hazel. Herbs, lemon balm and mint, vegetables are ideal for such a garden. Especially those which are necessary for the preparation of salsa – Mexican sauce made from a mixture of fruits and vegetables with chili and ripe tomatoes, pre oshkurennymi and cut into pieces, with greens (celery and parsley, coriander and mint), with the juice of lemon and lime. This sauce is an excellent complement to fish, meat, poultry, beans, or eggs, and tortillas and tacos.

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