How to build a fire pit: some simple tips

How to build a fire pit: some simple tips

If you want to build an outdoor fireplace that will serve you for a lifetime, then at its construction you should take into account some of the rules. First of all let’s determine the purpose for which you want to build an open fireplace. The reasons for the construction of an open hearth vary, so consider some of the nuances for the successful completion of construction.

  • Creating a comfortable environment: fireplace creates a special mood. The cozy open fireplace provides an intimate atmosphere for a few people. For large companies you should consider the construction of the fireplace without the back wall, so more people could admire the fire. For example, open round fireplace provides an overview on all sides and creates a sense of the forest fire surroundings.
  • Functionality: You can build a fireplace that will serve as a barbecue or grill, but these projects involve complementing the classic fireplace scheme with additional devices in the form of grids or built-in grooves along the side walls removable grids and braziers.
    Consider the design of the fire. Many homeowners choose the type of masonry and fireplace in accordance with the style of a residential building, although it is not mandatory. The material is usually brick, as it offers a traditional stone facade, at the same time it can be folded but it also can be made of natural stone and finished with plaster, which is also a popular option.
    But the size of the fire should be commensurate with its surroundings. Decide whether you want a fireplace to become the center of your backyard or to serve as a harmonious complement to the existing landscape compositions and constructions.
  • Compare the size of the future fireplace with the surrounding landscape proportions. Fireplace should not completely overshadow the size of your house, or vice versa, that the fireplace would get ‘lost’ against the background of a house or other buildings.
  • Wood burning fireplace has natural features – the crackle of wood, the smell of smoke, and a traditional fireplace produces a significant amount of smoke and therefore must have a chimney, ensuring maximum removal of the latter.

Nowadays it is not difficult to buy a ready-made fireplace or buy a kit for self-assembly, kits have an extensive range of equipment, ranging from simple to complex with all the bells and whistles for a wide variety of styles, as well as in accordance with the available budget that you have.

However, you can create your own design of outdoor fireplace and not limit your imagination with the proposed bundle set.
At most self-made designs cinder blocks or other sturdy, economical materials are used as the skeleton of the structure, which is then covered with decorative stone or other material.

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