How to build a fire pit

In the recent times you can note the trend in decoration of house areas – it is using of fire pits like useful element of the design.
To build a fire pit, of course, is very complicated process, but the result is worth it. Because in such way you can change your garden, giving it warmth and coziness.

At start you need to choose suitable place. The pit have not to be placed next to shrubs, trees, flower beds, wooden buildings and other flammable objects.

At the next step – draw on the ground the contours of the future fire pit.

The diameter of circle is 1.5 m. Just draw two circles: one delineates the contours directly bonfire (about a meter), and the second defines the boundary of the area around the pit (about 3.5 m).

At third step is creating of the foundation of the fire pit.

For it between the circumferences of 1 m and 1.5 m, i.e. in the inner ring, you need to dig a pit, which then will be cemented. Recommended depth of it is about 15 cm. And it is desirable to ensure that the surface is smooth and plane.

Next step – to build walls of the pit.

Will will better to use stone for this purpose. Of course for the upper part of the wall usually are choose more beautiful material. Clutch we will start to make from the outer edge of the base. At the end of the first row we will begin the inner edge of a base. Stones and bricks are stacked row after row. When the desired height of walls is ready, gaps between the brick and stone you need to fill with beth mortar. It is important that the wall surface is flat and smooth.

When the fire pit is ready, you can begin preparing the area around it. For it first of all are eradicated grass and weeds. On cleansed area experts recommend to pull landscape grid, and after fall it with decorative gravel. Some designers offer the place around the fire pit to make in the form of semicircle, and decorate it with comfortable seatings, where you could relax with warm conversation.

diy how to build a outdoor fire pit
diy how to build a outdoor fire pit
how to build a fire pit area
how to build a fire pit area

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