How to choose the best wall fireplace

How to choose the best wall fireplace

The fireplace can differ in many parameters, including its location. This kind of heating appliance can be built into the wall, situated in the middle of the room, or hanged on the side. It allows choosing the fireplace, blending with almost any interior.

One of the most popular kinds of heating appliances is the electric wall fireplaces. Its main difference from the other kinds of fireplaces is that the place of its installation is the wall.

The electric wall fireplaces are widely adopted and very popular, judging by the opinions.

The main differences of this heating appliance are:

  • Functional purpose (it can be used for heating or/and decoration);
  • dimensions (the wall electric models differ in length, thickness, width) and weight. The main selection criterion is the size of the wall. For example, you can choose the compact option for the small wall, and install the larger model in the living-room;
  • additional functions (for example, the presence of remote control panel, the timer of switching on and off, the sensor of heating stepped control, the systems of image and music files reproduction with USB, etc. );
  • the form (classic form is parallelepiped, but there are also models with the convex front panel, creating the additional effect and allowing to blend it with any interior);
  • material of manufacture (mostly it is metal, ceramics, plastic and glass);
  • the characteristic of real fire imitation;
  • a number of other characteristics.

The main advantages

The electric wall fireplaces are remarkable for:

  • efficiency;
  • high functionality;
  • ease of care and operation;
  • compact size;
  • easy installation;

After buying this device, you must determine the following characteristics:

  • ¬†functional purpose (what the fireplace is used for- heating, lighting or decoration);
  • the area of room, where you plan to install the fireplace. It determines the size of equipment;
  • interior and stylistic concept of design.

Taking into account these criteria, you can choose the perfect model of wall fireplace.

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