Outdoor fire pits: main rules and tips

Outdoor fire pits: main rules and tips

The main purpose of the fire pits is holding a fire. To create a secure environment it is set in a place where there are no dry leaves and other debris. Otherwise, they may cause a fire due to sparks. During windy weather, it is advisable to put a fire screen on the top of it. It will keep sparks and will not allow the wind to increase the flame.

The practical form of bowls for the fire eliminates the free flow of burning coals and fire. Presence of ‘legs’ provides the location of the hot part at the 35 – 45 centimeters from the ground. This design allows you to place a bowl on the lawn or the coating surface with no risk for them. Provided with many models mesh cap keeps the coals under, while not preventing the spread of life-giving warmth.

A fire pit is the so-called new generation of fireplaces. With its appearance on your site you do not have to go far into the forest to make a fire. Now, you can enjoy the aroma of burning wood and the warmth of the fire right next to your own house. Garden fireplaces are mobile and static. If you have organized your yard so that fireplace in the garden is allocated at a certain place, opt for static fire pit, and you will not regret it.

Stone garden fireplaces will go together with houses made in rustic style, while at the areas in high-tech style steel and granite fire pit will look much more advantageous.

If you do not yet have enough space for a full fire pit, look at the small portable table with a copper bowl. Portable garden fire pit will allow you to organize a bonfire without scorched grass anywhere, and a special grilling griddle, which is often attached to the kit, will help to cook vegetables, meat and fish for the family and friends.

As it has been mentioned above, fire pit is not only a fashionable element of landscape design, but also a multifunctional appliance, which is quite capable to replace the stove and oven. To get rid of any impediments at the process of preparing a delicious dinner for the whole family, choose a fire pit with a metal disc that acts as a cover that will keep the heat inside the bowl and protects the fire from the vagaries of the weather.

For making a fire at the pit you can use chopped, dried firewood of any species of wood, as well as charcoal. Do not use varnished or painted wood, as it can lead to a strong smoke production. Before you set up a fire pit at the garden, do not forget to warn children that for the purpose of fire safety, throwing papers or paper products to the pit is strictly forbidden.

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