Outdoor fireplace – construction features and design.

Outdoor fireplace – construction features and design.

Outdoor fireplaces are siblings of indoor fireplaces, and their designs are very close.

These fireplaces are installed on the covered terrace house with a smokestack, which is located in the outer wall of a residential house and its output through the roof, as well as on any open areas.

During the construction of outdoor fireplace the chimney is made lower. However, outdoor fireplaces are better placed in the gazebo (roofed) – this will reduce the rate of destruction of precipitation. Although, if you talk about the solidly built of natural stone fireplaces, while it is only good – it is overgrown with moss, become part of the landscape and nature. For masonry fireplaces fire-resistant materials, such as bricks, concrete blocks, natural stone are used. Since outdoor fireplace is exposed to atmosphere during the construction it is required to take into account the climatic features of the region’s development. On this the choice of materials depends. Unlike a home fireplace, outdoor fireplaces have no damper in the chimney since outdoor air exchange can not create appreciable interference, as in the room.

When using outdoor fireplaces one should be guided by the rules specific to conventional fireplaces, and in addition they should remember that outdoor fireplaces can not be kindled immediately after the rain – they can crack. You should also be aware that for protection against the weather, outdoor fireplaces are better covered with special cases.

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