Outdoor fireplace kits: definitions, advice and recommendations

Outdoor fireplace kits: definitions, advice and recommendations

That is great if there is a possibility of installation the fireplace inside the house. But very often it is impossible to build a fireplace in the house, as in the construction of buildings, there are certain restrictions, or the installation will become almost an overhaul. Then there is an option to build a fireplace outdoors.


By design, outdoor fire pits are close to home models with an open furnace. To make the right masonry of fire pit in the garden, resistant to fire materials are used. That list includes blocks of concrete, stone, fire clay and traditional bricks.
The main difference between these fireplaces is that they are affected by the vagaries of the atmosphere and therefore the character of the climate in the region must be considered in the construction. This is the main factor when choosing the material. Also there is no chimney register because of the fact that there is no interference of air circulation outdoors.

In most cases, the installation of the fire pit outdoors is made on the covered terrace. This will help to avoid the influence of rain and changeable weather. Chimney can be located on the wall of the house and then output directly through the roof. For outdoor stoves and fireplaces chimney is placed below.

In use of these fireplaces it is required to keep the same rules that apply to ordinary fireplaces. But fire pits cannot be outside after a rain to drown. This will lead to undesirable cracking. To protect fireplace against possible weather changes, use the protective cover.

Types of outdoor fireplaces
Many do not see the difference between a fireplace and ordinary outdoor barbecue. Fireplace is used to create a unique comfort and execute accordingly burning flame. Basically it is a decorating element.


BBQ and fireplace.
This construction has not only decoration function, but also can be used for practical purposes. There can be cooked many delicious dishes. The most common is barbecue. It is also possible to incorporate BBQ into the construction. I want to emphasize, outdoor fireplace- barbecue is adapted for cooking, but in conventional fireplaces you cannot cook, otherwise you will spoil the furnace wall. This fireplace is quite possible to make with your own hands and for barbecue or brazier to buy necessary accessories.

Portable type of fireplace can be installed directly on the lawn. These models are very compact, and their height and style varies. You can make a DIY fireplace, but it is quite difficult and requires specific and relevant skills. It is easier simply to buy a ready portable fireplace. If the area of your site is small, such a solution is just perfect.

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