Everything about the placement and design of outdoor kitchen

When choosing a place for the kitchen equipment in the yard, you should carefully consider not only where it will be located, but also the orientation of the kitchen to the major areas of the yard. The basic principles of the kitchen ideal location include a few points:

Distance to the kitchen area from the main house

The closer kitchen is located to home, the more perfect that position will be considered in order to reduce costs for kitchen equipment. Placing summer kitchen area on the terrace or veranda next to the main kitchen, it is possible to put aside the built-in refrigerator and a large amount of china shelves. It is also much easier to connect utilities with existing networks.

Convenient pass to the kitchen

Planning the perfect location of kitchen at your own backyard, don’t be too lazy to make the passes scheme to the kitchen from the house, patio, garden and other areas. Place the cooking equipment for pathways to get the desired shape.

Cook work area design at the kitchen

If cooking food is a work for one of the family members, not a guest chef’s, it is best to plan the work area so that most of the time a person could spend face-off to the backyard and not be visually alienated from the rest of the family. In addition, the kitchen must meet the basic kitchen requirements of ergonomics and the rule of the working triangle.

For a summer cooking area furnishing several basic types of kitchen equipment are used:

  • Cooking equipment (grills, electric and gas stoves, wood stoves, Russian stoves or pizza ovens, grills for barbecue), sinks for washing dishes and products. In recent years, even a dishwasher for the kitchen open areas appeared;
  • refrigeration equipment for food storage;
  • Dish cabinets and Cupboards;
  • Tables for cooking, as well as bars, tables and chairs for family members. If private outdoor dining area is equipped next to it, you can opt out of the dinner table at the kitchen.

For cook’s comfort you can care about the construction of a canopy, or tree-planting, which creates a shady area in the kitchen zone. Designing a decorative garden with aromatic herbs next to kitchen will be great.

When selecting materials you should be guided by two main principles – durability and ease of use.

The functional areas near the kitchen

The most natural proximity to the outside kitchen will be the open-air dining area situated next to it. So much reduced need for long-distance transport of food and utensils. Placing kitchen next to the pool became popular, sometimes even close to him. The easy availability of chilled beverages is achieved this way, eliminating the need to separate the bar equipment in the backyard.

General design style of kitchen area should ideally correspond to the architectural style of the house and landscape design.

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