Pit for the fire: coziness of your country site

Adding the fire to the interior of your country site extends the fun for you and your guests. It will provide heat, light, cooking and welcoming atmosphere, creates around itself natural place for communication, entertainment and relaxation.

People are drawn to the fire as to the special atmosphere. Fire pit can also serve as important focal point in the landscape design. You can also enjoy it from the window of your house.

You will be surprised by many options when it comes to choosing the size, shape and style of the fire pit. You can select fire pit insert or purchase portable one, which can be moved as you want to every place of your site. If you choose fire pit insert, you can take the design of it from various outdoor decoration materials, including concrete, brick and stone. And remember, fire pits need not be round – also they can be square, L- shaped, triangular and so on.

Tips on choosing and placing the fire pit:
Choose the best place for fire to suit your needs (fire pit insert, complex or portable);
Determine the size of your pit, considering how much free space you have, how many guests you plan to invite, the its height and location of the open air;
Think about the pros and cons of different kinds of fuel for the fire, including gas, propane, wood and ethanol;
Determine the best place for fire, considering factors such as convenience, availability, and security;
The cost ranges for different fire pits, so choose the best option to suit your budget;
And don’t forget to count how fuel costs affect the total cost of ownership of your campfire

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