Portable fire pits: types and maintenance advice

The main disadvantage of all fireplaces and outdoor fireplaces – that in “fireless” state, they do not look aesthetically pleasing. The black pit of coals or gaping furnace emptiness do not make garden more interesting. The same fireplace, but out-of-action can be transferred to another location, freeing up a valuable space for guests or outdoor games.

You can buy a portable fireplace made of stainless steel or copper, some of them have small countertops lined with heat-resistant tile, and in form and style there is a huge variety.

In addition to the visual pleasure it can be used for cooking, such as frying sausages or a few skewers of meat.
Such a portable fireplace is useful in small areas.

Portable fire pits
Portable fire pits

Typical portable fireplace is a container in the form of a basket or bowl on legs, lockable with the splatter guard that does not allow ashes to scatter. Such a fire pit can be moved to the desired location, and fired up with wood. Outdoor fireplaces are usually made of wrought iron or stainless steel, but there are models made of copper, stone or clay. They are ideal for the small garden sites. The easiest fireplace as a metal bowl is not expensive and can be bought in specialized stores. If you value portability, you will like that fireplace.
There is a huge variety of portable fireplaces at the market in form and style. For example, there are fireplaces in the form of traditional Japanese lantern – an indispensable attribute of the garden in the Japanese style. Or in the form of an elegant copper bowl in the Moorish style, which perfectly fit into the Muslim garden. Or a traditional Latin American street stove – chiminea. The correctly selected fireplace is not only organically fit into the chosen landscape style, but it will be a bright decorative accent throughout the composition, enhancing the overall aesthetic effect.

The portable fireplace is convenient because you can use it anywhere in the garden, including a terrace. Typically, the device is provided with a stand in where ashes are going to during the work. However, we would not recommend to put a fireplace on the lawn: even with the stand the heat from the fire can burn the grass and damage the surface of the lawn. An ideal place for such a device is a platform-patio paved with stone or tiles.

The only thing that it is necessary to be checked before starting the fire is how stable your fire pit is. This is especially important if you plan to party. At a large gathering of people you can secure yourself from accidentally turning the fireplace by putting sandbags at the base of the legs.

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