Traditional Mexican oven – an exotic outdoor heater.

Traditional Mexican oven – an exotic outdoor heater.

In Mexico, the furnace were used for centuries for home heating and cooking. Form traditional Mexican oven calibrated for centuries to achieve the greatest practical value.

Cup-shaped tapers upwards, providing free circulation of air inside the fireplace. The only way out of the oven, which can be opened and closed, provides targeted heat supply. It helped, and still helps Mexicans and foreign lovers of local color warm on cold nights. The lengths to ensure freedom from smoke and soot people sitting around.

The material of construction of the furnace, promises its own advantages and disadvantages. Mexican furnace are clay and metal. Clay – a traditional material for its manufacturing, metal began to be used later. Nowadays, the most common Mexican aluminum and cast iron furnace.
The main advantages of clay chiminea , as well-known as a ceramic and terracotta, is that they are quite cheap and are supplied fully assembled. Once the Mexican clay oven appeared on your site – you can safely begin to use it. The second advantage is that they retain heat longer, unlike the metallic and does not become too hot.

As for the cons, the clay model is quite heavy. It is almost completely discredits it as a portable stove. The same should be said that the clay – a very brittle material. She cracks after extended use, especially in areas with a humid climate.

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