Various types of outdoor fireplaces.

Various types of outdoor fireplaces.

The word “barbeque” has a lot of meanings. First is the brazier with a grid for cooking food. The second is the process of cooking food on that brazier. The third is the dish cooked during that process. And, finally, the forth is a party where the first three take place. In this article we shall describe some types of barbeques that are used nowadays.

1. Fixed hand-made barbeque.
A simple hand-made construction that consists of some bricks or rocks and two grids fixed between them. The lower grid is used for fire, and the upper one is for food. Usually, grids are fixed at one height and the cooking temperature is regulated by intensity of fire. Those BBQs are stationary and can’t be moved in case of strong wind or a sudden rain. But they have a simple design, are easy to handle, and can be made big enough to feed a large party.

2. Portable barbeque
Portable BBQs are usually foldable, which makes them ideal for taking with you in your car or even a backpack (for smaller models). Amongst the portable BBQ’s the “cauldron” BBQ is most common. It is shaped like cauldron which gave it its name. It has a tight-fitting lid and two ventilation openings: one in the bottom and one in its top. This BBQ can be used as a simple BBQ, an oven or a smokehouse. Portable BBQs are mostly small and you may need a couple for a large party. In portable BBQs you can use charcoal or special BBQ fuel, but you can’t use wood.

3. Gas or electric BBQ’s
The main distinctive feature of gas and electric BBQ’s is absence of open fire. You only need to connect to gas or electricity for them to work. To make your food taste smoked, put shavings or chips of walnut wood. The sizes of those BBQs differ from serving table-like size to portable little models with better maneuver. Gas models can use little gas cartridges or big gas tanks. The electric ones can be used only where there’s an electrical outlet. Electrical and big gas tank fueled models are better used in your backyard due to their size and fuel.

4. Stationary barbeque
The last type of BBQs, we’d like to describe, are stationary ones. They can be bought or hand-made. The differences between those and the first ones are the size and purpose. Stationery BBQ chiminea made once and for a long time. They are usually big, heavy and are often made real masterpieces. One of those standing in your back yard means you can make barbeque anytime you want without any special preparations and invite as many of your friends as you like.

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