What you should know about outdoor fireplace

What you should know about outdoor fireplace

Fireplace is the personification of family comfort and warmth. Soaring flames and crackling logs are mesmerizing melodic and soothing, setting to relax and pleasant relaxation. It is nice to get together in the evening around the fireplace, enjoying fellowship with their families and friends. Enjoying the magic of open fire on your site, you can arrange a special area for recreation, a key element of which will be a fireplace.

Outdoor fireplace, more recently, held only a utilitarian function, has turned into quite a popular element of landscape design.
Fire pit, which does not attract attention during the day, becomes a “zone of attraction” at dusk – the center around which all the family is going to be happy. To make the stay even more comfortable and pleasant, you can equip around the fireplace a platform with comfortable fixed seating and garden furniture. The outside fireplace shape may be any suitable for the overall style of the house. But from the standpoint of access and maintenance ease, most fireplaces get a circular shape.

The area around the fire can be paved with tiles, pour gravel, laid out with stones. The choice of materials and methods of design is determined only by the style of the site.

Equipping a comfortable multi-level platform at the site is not difficult. It is only necessary to remove a layer of soil and level the surface.
Recessed fireplaces are suitable for any yard, decorated in various styles. The only requirement to the fireplaces design is not too bury fireplace too much as a natural process of combustion can be maintained only by the influx of fresh air.

To ensure adequate air circulation, the wood in the recessed hearth is folded as a ‘hunk’, leaving wide gaps between them and moving to a sufficient distance from the walls. We offer to consider a couple of options of fireplaces design, that in addition to direct functional value will act as a spectacular element of landscape design. DIY outdoor fireplace will be the pride of its owner, and a favorite destination of all the family in the cool evenings.

When planning to equip the area with the fireplace, the first thing to do is to choose a location. The center is made a long way from the spreading trees, outbuildings and the house itself.

A small hill or, conversely, flooding low is not the best choice for fireplace location. There must be a happy medium. It is better if it is flat area with good review share.

Traditionally, the fireplace has a rounded shape, for the convenience of doing it with a diameter of 90-100 cm. In our case, a metal rim is used for its construction.

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