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Ladies and gentlemen! Have you come to this page because you are interested in making firepits, stoves, fireplaces and barbecues? Or maybe you dream of installing a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace in your backyard? Our resource will give you the opportunity to choose the fireplace or fire pit you are interested in, as well as learn everything about the manufacture, maintenance, design of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces.

Garden fire pits and garden fireplaces have several universal qualities. Made of solid steel, they have a stylish appearance, as a design element is well complemented by almost any landscape style. Such a design is mobile, easy to rearrange, comfortably and effectively complements the complexes of summer kitchens and garden living rooms.

In addition to the decorative function, a fire pit can serve as a barbecue, and in exceptional cases to perform the role of landscape lighting as an exotic lamp. To date, the range of fire pits and fireplaces is so large that it is sometimes difficult to choose the right model. It is best, in such cases, to build on the interior of your house, because the fireplace should be the highlight that must simultaneously fit into the overall picture, and at the same time be its center. The articles on our website will help you in choosing the materials, design, accessories for the fireplace and will help to take into account any features of the fire pit.

How to choose a good fire pit project?

How much does it cost?

Which options are preferable, and is there a difference in the quality of products, different in cost and performer?

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Outdoor fire pits types benefits and features

Outdoor fire pits: types, benefits and features

Today arrangement of landscape design using fire pits is a very popular trend. This beautiful and unusual decor element will be a wonderful complement the exterior. The existing range of models allows you to choose the one from which presence your summerhouse will become even more comfortable. To create a fire pit stone, ceramics, galvanized steel can be used. All these products are notable for high quality and practicality. The main types of fire pits Stone fire pits are considered the versatile option. Produced from natural material, they perfectly complement the landscape of any garden, no matter what style it was decorated. At the same time, the products themselves can be highly polished and rough texture, with a focus on ...
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fire pit ideas plans_35

Fire pit designs: tips of advice

In ancient times, there were no gardens without fire pits where you can always dilute live fire - a powerful talisman of man. Little by little, this tradition faded. With the development of civilization the need to protect your home by fire from wild animals or other dangers that were waited for a man in the darkness has disappeared. And a significant role in this was played by the widespread electrification. Why make a fire every night, if you can turn on lights? But today, many companies are engaged in manufacturing fire pits. And it can be argued that the range of products on today's landscaping market is quite extensive and diverse. So if you want it will not be ...
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outdoor gas fire pit sets_10

Outdoor gas fire pit: everything you need to know

The magical effect of the fire is well known since ancient times. People of different attitudes and temperaments like to relax by the fire with live flame. Gas outdoor fire pit is the most effective and easiest way to suburban and country landscape design. The undoubted advantage of outdoor fireplaces on gas is a possibility of building a DIY fireplace. To do this, you do not need to be a professional builder, it is important just to observe some simple guidelines for the safe operation of fireplaces. Positioning possibilities of open fireplaces with a gas furnace are endless:
  • it is easy to build outdoor fireplaces on any site in the courtyard, on the terrace by the pool or in ...
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Fire pit tables

Fire pit tables: methane, propane or wood?

Today gas fireplaces may be a great alternative to wood-burning heating fireplaces. If you have a gas fireplace in the house, you can safely enjoy the live flames of fire, saving on fuel. Gas fireplaces used the most economical form of fuel - methane gas or liquefied propane-butane mixture. Gas fireplace is no worse for aesthetic and other characteristics of its fellow - wood-burning fireplace. This is evidenced by a high demand for them. In addition, the individual characteristics of gas fireplaces in many ways are superior to the standard wood. The model range of proposed gas fireplaces today is very broad. There is a great variety of them at the market. You can find a lot of models of ...
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direct vent natural gas fireplaces_18

Natural gas fireplace: pros and cons

Gas fireplaces do not require special care, easy to use and do not clog up the room (ash wood, soot). Except decorative models, gas fireplaces may well be used as regular heaters. Gas fireplace is a heater with a flame effect, which uses natural gas (methane) or liquefied petroleum gas as fuel. A gas fireplace can keep the temperature in the room of 20-40 m2 and have a thermal output of 2-8 kW. Useful efficiency is about 75-85% of fireplaces. Benefits
  1. Much more eco-friendly than wood-burning fireplaces, the atmosphere gets less hazardous substances;
  2. Gas fireplaces cost cheaper than wood ones, and are much simpler in design;
  3. Live fire in the wood-burning fireplace, but no ash and soot;
  4. Heat capacity ...
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fireplace glass doors amazon_13

Fireplace glass doors as a part of fireplaces design

The doors for fireplaces are an important element of the fireplace. At present, more and more doors for fireplaces are made so to be able to observe the beauty of the flame. There are many requirements for the doors of the fireplace, they must be fireproof, quite practical and functional, moreover, it is important that they are sanitary and hygienic. For closed type of fireplaces fireproof glass doors will be an ideal choice, it is quite modern and secure. There are several types of doors for the fireplace, they can be deaf and transparent. Most often deaf doors for fireplaces are made of steel, cast iron and other materials. Glass doors for fireplaces are made of refractory sure glass. Each ...
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blue rooster cast iron chimineas_14

Cast iron chiminea: why it is useful

This is a small metal stove for burning wood or other solid fuel (coal), designed for heating and cooking, boiling water. In many countries, this device is called indoor or metal stove. Modern cast iron chimineas are highly efficient heating devices capable of warming a room of 50-60 m² (up) with a ceiling height of about 2.5 meters. In some cases they successfully replace traditional brick ovens and fireplaces, compared to them chimineas have many advantages. Cast iron chimineas for cottage sites Iron chiminea finds its application in the cottage, as a supplement to the main heating system. Many boilers are shut off in the summer and in the off season, but in many places summer heat is a relative ...
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outdoor fireplace kits

Outdoor fireplace kits: definitions, advice and recommendations

That is great if there is a possibility of installation the fireplace inside the house. But very often it is impossible to build a fireplace in the house, as in the construction of buildings, there are certain restrictions, or the installation will become almost an overhaul. Then there is an option to build a fireplace outdoors. By design, outdoor fire pits are close to home models with an open furnace. To make the right masonry of fire pit in the garden, resistant to fire materials are used. That list includes blocks of concrete, stone, fire clay and traditional bricks. The main difference between these fireplaces is that they are affected by the vagaries of the atmosphere and therefore the ...
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fireplace screen

The benefits of fireplace screen

The fireplace screen acts not only as the detail of interior decoration. It is the necessary element of fire prevention. The use of such interior object as fireplace can not only give you joy and warmth, but also cause a lot of serious unpleasant situations. A little spark, dropped accidentally on the floor or other inflammable objects, can cause many serious problems. The presence of fire also represents danger to the smallest house inhabitants. If the children have access to the open fireplace, the parents must control them very intensive to prevent them from injuries. Even the domestic animals can hurt, if there is no special protection. Such detail as the fireplace screen is necessary even for the electric ...
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fire table

Fire tables: How to choose & How to use

Fire table is a practical design element that is often a part of modern cottages equipment. It is characterized by versatility and mobility. Thus, the product can be used as an ordinary table, fireplace or stove for making a wide variety of dishes, as well as combining all these functions simultaneously. The design of the device is usually a bowl on a platform with support base and a place to put the wood or containers with gas. Professionally decorated tables can be quite different. At their creation metal, stone, ceramics are used. How to choose the best model that would not only fit into the style of state summer residences, but will be able to perform practical functions? First of ...
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outdoor kitchen ideas

Everything about the placement and design of outdoor kitchen

When choosing a place for the kitchen equipment in the yard, you should carefully consider not only where it will be located, but also the orientation of the kitchen to the major areas of the yard. The basic principles of the kitchen ideal location include a few points: Distance to the kitchen area from the main house The closer kitchen is located to home, the more perfect that position will be considered in order to reduce costs for kitchen equipment. Placing summer kitchen area on the terrace or veranda next to the main kitchen, it is possible to put aside the built-in refrigerator and a large amount of china shelves. It is also much easier to connect utilities with existing ...
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fire pit ring

Fire pit rings: materials, production, design and exploitation

From time immemorial the breeding of live-fire near the house was needed as a talisman. But simultaneously with their development people have gradually abandoned this kind of home protection from wild animals. The true fire pit has now become an integral part of the landscape design in every garden, as an excellent element of its decor. A fire at night is no longer a need, but the opportunity to sit next to the beautiful fire pit ring and enjoy a living flame becomes exotic today, shrouded in romance. If there is a great holiday on your horizon, which will bring together friends or relatives, after the official part and a delicious feast it will come in handy throughout the company ...
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