Fireplace glass doors as a part of fireplaces design

Fireplace glass doors as a part of fireplaces design

The doors for fireplaces are an important element of the fireplace. At present, more and more doors for fireplaces are made so to be able to observe the beauty of the flame. There are many requirements for the doors of the fireplace, they must be fireproof, quite practical and functional, moreover, it is important that they are sanitary and hygienic.

For closed type of fireplaces fireproof glass doors will be an ideal choice, it is quite modern and secure. There are several types of doors for the fireplace, they can be deaf and transparent. Most often deaf doors for fireplaces are made of steel, cast iron and other materials. Glass doors for fireplaces are made of refractory sure glass. Each type has its advantages.

Choosing the doors for a fireplace depends on the design of the fireplace, on the preferences of the owner of the house, as well as on where the fireplace is located itself. For example, a fireplace with a blind door should not be installed in the living room, as it serves as a heater, not for aesthetics. A fireplace with a door of heat-resistant glass, of course, will please its owners with a beautiful view of the flames.

Glass fireplace doors are made of refractory silica glass, and sometimes of crystal-ceramics, because the active material is able to withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees.

The glass in the doors of fireplace is exposed to framing by metal frames, it is also necessary to put on the perimeter of the seal of unheated layer. Some fireplaces are provided with blind doors that open upside or open like a window frame, also there is an option, at which the door for the fireplace can be rotated on the vertical loops.

Since the temperature in the furnace is high, the doors for fireplaces are produced exclusively from refractory metal and the heat-resistant glass. The ideal option for this is steel. Modern designers develop steel models with inserts of glass that perfectly withstand high temperatures.

Among those fireplace doors there are real masterpieces, transforming the fireplace into a work of art, a central part of the interior. The doors for fireplaces can be full made of glass, and the shape of them can be quite diverse. These doors can be:

  • flat,
  • convex
  • prism-shaped,
  • and can be opened in different ways – you can pull and or raise them

Most furnaces which have a large glass door, can be operated in the “fireplace” mode, thus with an open furnace door. This allows not only to refresh the air in the room quickly, but also to heat it.

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